Red Square Wedding Cake with Cream Coloured Sugar Roses

Sometimes simple is best. Secret to (my somewhat) realistic sugar roses – have a reference (real or photo), use a variety of shapes and sizes of flowers, colour centers darker, shape petals thinly, and be generous in crimping, curling, and pinching. Extra petals never hurt. Inspiration.

Sugar Roses Red Square Wedding Cake Red Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Roses Gumpaste Rose

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About Rose Sen

I am a cake decorator in Calgary AB, Canada. My goal is to share knowledge, happiness and harmony with others through cake.
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4 Responses to Red Square Wedding Cake with Cream Coloured Sugar Roses

  1. Deanne Brews says:



  2. Toni says:

    Hi Rose! Gorgeous cake! The crimson red color speaks for itself and adding the cream-colored roses, as well as the ribboned base, makes this an outstanding complementary choice of colors. I enjoy square cakes because they make for simple, elegant and clean lines. Thanks for the posting! (PS: Any thoughts on writing a book? or maybe tutorials we could purchase?)

  3. gali says:

    your cakes are truly works of art love the ; ) art deco cakes by gali

  4. laurie says:

    Those roses are so beautiful. They look so real. You are an unbelievablly talented artist. Thanks for the pictures.

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