Calgary Stampede – Corndog Showpiece Entry

Stampede Corndog Hamburger Cake

Corndog Hamburger Cake

Corndog Hamburger Cake

Corndog Hamburger Cake

The above sugar art showpiece was made for display at the 2009 Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Crafts exhibition. This competition is open to anyone, and it’s a great community event because the entries are contributed by local Calgarians and Albertans. Anyone can enter, and it’s a unique way to be part of the fun.

For the idea, I wanted to created a piece that highlighted some of my many favourite foods at the Calgary Stampede. Food is by far my favourite type of item to create out of sugar. There’s something amusing about sweet items that look savoury – and I love the combination of the feeling of cooking and cake decorating at the same time.

Here’s a run-down of how this showpiece was created:

  • It was a rule in the competition for the exterior to be decorated out of edible materials (i.e. fondant), but for the interior to non-perishable, because this was to be on display for the entire duration of the event. In my case, I chose to carve each tier out of floral foam. A center dowel runs also through the length, which is securely attached to the base.
  • The mini donuts were hand-shaped out of fondant that was coloured with a mixture of brown and orange, then dipped in cinnamon sugar. The zig-zag edge of the donut bag was created using pinking shears.
  • The teeth indentations of the corndog was created using the end of a round piping tip, and additional texture was created using modelling tools. The ketchup and mustard are made from royal icing.
  • Relish was created by rolling out a piece of light green fondant, brushed one side with green and yellow colour, then cut it up into little squares.  Shine was added with green coloured piping gel. The same process was used for the onions, except with a purple/red colour and clear piping gel.
  • The beef in the bun was created by rolling out a light brown fondant/gumpaste very thin, cutting it in circles, folding the circles loosely, then painting the edges with a darker brown.
  • The plate was made out of pastillage, a icing sugar and gelatin mixture that dries very hard.

Update: This entry received the 1st place award in Novelty Cake section of the 2009 Western Lifestyles Creative Arts and Crafts Competition at the Calgary Stampede. Thank you for all the wonderful visitors that showed up to see!

For more information on you can enter into this fun contest, please see the following:


7 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede – Corndog Showpiece Entry

  1. hi Rose,
    did you put any support underneath each food,i tired it and my donuts squashed my burger 😦
    please help.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Yes, in most stacked cakes, there are usually dowels in each tier to support the tier above it. Each tier itself requires a solid cake board base.

      In this particular case, the cake was for display for over a week, so the inside of the cake was made of polystyrene foam. Doweling was still required to prevent the tiers from squishing onto each other, in addition, a center dowel was also used.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Rose your cakes are beautiful! They are very inspiring. Your work is very clean and accurate. I am planinng on entering this years stampede competition. I am going to practice and work on pefecting my tequenics this summer because I have just graduated. I would love to shadow you and learn from you, it would be an privilege. I am willing to work my way up and learn from the
    Kristina Chase

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