Airbrushing Tips

I just got my luscious new airbrush. 🙂 I decided on the Kopycake Airmaster. I got it through Golda’s Kitchen. It was a fair price of $189 CAD for the compressor, and about $100 for the larger capacity airbrush.

I saved the bubble wrap to keep the airbrush from shifting when it’s on (it’s tacky on one side). Non skid (a must for transporting cakes) works great too.

I went with the larger capacity airbrush pen because to avoid running out of colour constantly. I was also considering the Grex airbrush pen and using a hardware store air compressor, but I chose the Kopycake simply because of familiarity. It’s what we used in school, and I know it’s what the grocery stores use.

They even sent some free airbrush colors!

I wanted to decorate and airbrush the cake directly on the board.

Lesson learned: I should have lined the cake underneath with parchment first, then cut around it after airbrushing. I missed this step and ended up having to tape little pieces of paper to mask around the cake to cover the board. Whoops.

Next time, I will try to airbrush, then transfer to the board.

White areas of the cake I wanted to retain (the eyes and around the gills) were masked using pieces of fondant that I lightly stuck on.

Airbrush colour gets everywhere. So I set up a little “station.” In other words, a cardboard box.

This is my “airbrush cleaning station” :D. In other words, a water jug with plastic wrap around the hole. I also like to work right by a sink to make dumping and rinsing out colour easier.

Oh, and don’t forget your mask! There’s nothing quite like the sour tang of airbrush colour in the back of your throat and that rainbow coloured tissue the next time you blow your nose…

Happy airbrushing!


5 thoughts on “Airbrushing Tips

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  4. Hi Rose, thank you for your tips on airbrushing! and I can see that you bought a very nice airbrush kit I’ve been wanting to get one, but what do you recommend to a hobby baker? I don’t want to buy an extra-expensive airbrush kit since I only do cake ocassionaly, maybe 2-3 cakes a month.
    Ok, thank you Rose!!

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