Caking it Up! My first car cake.

Woohoo, it’s cake time again!

I had the wonderful opportunity to make a cake for my friend’s son, who turned 2. She says to me one day, “Do you know anything about making a car cake?” So here we are! It’s a little elaborate for a 2 year old – I’m not sure if he’ll remember the cake or not, but I just really wanted to make something cool.

I love cake – it’s like a free invite to all the parties!

I tried the Betty Crocker cake mix this time. Baked three 9 x 13 sheets of cake. It was super fast – the prep & mix time for everything was under 30 min. Although I don’t think I will go with the mix next time – the cake turned out SUPER, almost sickly, sweet.

Tip#1: After baking & cooling, freeze the cake.
Freezing made the cake MUCH more easy to handle & carve, and helped retain that “fresh” taste. The next day, I stacked & filled the three layers together, and kept everything frozen until I was ready to carve.

Then came the carving. It’s like making a knife drawing from every angle.
Tip#2: Find reference pictures from every angle for 3-D sculpting.

I don’t own a proper tuntable yet, so I took a lazy susan, a non-skid mat and put it on a wide-base bowl. Voila! Essential to 3-D carving.

After carving, I crumb-coated (lightly iced) the cake. I made the mistake of picking up some crappy icing – Walmart’s “Great-Value” icing. It was terrible; runny and did not adhere to the cake. Smelled awful too. I ended up making icing from scratch, and used this recipe:

Tip#3: Let the cake settle before covering in fondant.
I let the cake sit in the fridge for a whole day, to let it thaw, and to have the cake settle, before covering with fondant. Some cracks appeared from parts of the cake that expanded as it thawed. Some parts of the cake(near the bottom) squished down a little bit.

Than came covering the cake in fondant. I tested out Wilton’s ready-to-use fondant. It was stiff & dry, which can be good or bad. I liked how it did not shift much, which means it did not sag or ripple. But it was difficult to roll out. I ended up adding a bunch of shortening it it to make it easier to roll. It and was hard to hide creases and it dried quickly; I had to work fast when shaping it.

Overall, I had lots of fun. This was my first fondant covered 3-D car cake. The cake is modeled after the Suzulight Concept Car. Hopefully the next one will be better. My next request is for a Porsche!


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