After being together for five years, this is the first cake I’ve ever made for my boyfriend – it was his 30th birthday, so I think it was for a pretty good reason.

I had a blast making this cake, and it took maybe 4 hours. The scale texture was created using a bathscrub (don’t worry, not a used one!) that I had cut a piece out of and wrapped around my fondant smoother.

The airbrushing left a sour tang in my sinuses even though I had my mask on… and a rainbow of colour when I blew my nose!

We had dinner at the Keg, and the staff was just freaked out by the cake. Many comments about people wondering when did they start serving raw fish??? There was a steady stream of kitchen staff walking by the table to sneek a peek at the cake while we ate our dinner. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Fishcake!

  1. Hi Rose, I have a quick question for you regarding the fish cake. Can you share what size pan did you use? I want to make a fish cake for my nephew that loves fishing 🙂
    And what colors did you use to paint it? I assume you used a silver highlighted to give it that nice shine, huh? I don’t have an airbrush so, i would probably just use a brush.

    Ok, thank you much!!

    • Hi Rosie! This cake was originally baked in two 9″ by 13″ rectangular pans.

      To paint the cake, I used a combination of green and brown food colouring.

      The shine you see in my pictures was just from the painting only. The paint was pretty wet, so once it mixed with the fondant, it looked shiny after.

      For an added shimmery effect, yes, a silver lustre powder would work. Another option to produce a even better shine is by painting on spraying on Pam, or any non-stick flavorless cooking spray.

      Let me know if you have any other questions at all,

  2. Rose, you rock!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂 I will definitelly follow your advice on the creation of my fish cake. It will be for my nephew’s b-day, he loveeeees fishing so this will be a nice suprise for him.
    Thank you again Rose

  3. Rose, I have a couple more questions regarding the fish cake. Wanted to know if you carve the fish first and then fill or viceversa? did you freeze before you carve? also on the first pic where you show the carved fish, is there a reason for the cuts you made in the middle of the fish?

    Ok, thank you Rose!!


    • Hi Rosie, thanks for your question, I just sent you an email with tips. I always fill first, then carve. Yes, I like to carve cold cake, not room temperature cake – room temperature cake is too crumbly and fragile. The freezer works to cool the cake down, but be careful not to freeze it too long or it will be too rock hard.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Im in aw with this cake. I am pretty new to cake decorating bin at it about a year and improveing as i go and learn from the wonderful teachers here that help us newbies learn this skill i thank-you so much. You give such great instructions. I just got an air brush and im no artist with it is there some instructions on guideing me the right way to use it to beable to air bush cakes like you. Thank -you so much any advice i will greatly appreciate if you would like i can send you some of my cake pics and you can let me know if i have a chance to get as good as you. Thank-you for takeing the time to read this Berlynda.

    • Hi Berlynda,

      Thank you for you comment. In regards to airbrushing tips, I found there were a number of videos on YouTube( that helped me out, try searching for “Airbrushing tutorial” or “Airbrushing techniques.” Practicing on paper before airbrushing the actual cake also helps me out.

      Hope that helps,

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