The Best Turntable for Cake Decorating

Fat Daddio’s turntable is the best turntable I’ve ever used!

How special can a turntable be? I consider a good turntable the #1 essential tool for cake decorating. After trying turntables by Wilton, Bakery Crafts, and Ateco –  I am most impressed by this one.

Problems with turntables include: not level, wobbling while turning, tipping over, or just getting stuck. These problems are a pain!

When practising at home, I was trying to get by by using a lazy susan ontop of a bowl with a piece of non skid in between…(lol, I thought I was being so resourceful.) After a few close calls with cake tippage :o, I decided it was time to get a real turntable of my own.

What I like about Fat Daddio’s turntable:

  • Extra thick, 1 cm plate
  • 8″, 9″, and 10″ circle guides
  • Ridges on the bottom. These are a must for me as I constantly use them to spin the turntable.
  • Smooth base – easy to clean
  • Non slip bottom
  • Ball bearing construction instead of pin

I was apprehensive about the brand at first (I had never heard about the name until recently), but now that I have the product, I’m happy I chose it.

Oh, and it’s the heaviest turntable I’ve ever used – it’s almost a pain to move!


5 thoughts on “The Best Turntable for Cake Decorating

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