Cake Stackers, Internal Cake Support System

Whoa! I’ve never seen anything like this before! That’s not styrofoam – that’s cake!

It’s a special metal cake stacking and support system called Cake Stackers. I have not tried it myself, so my stomach sure drops when I see the cake tilted like that!

Check out the video at at the 5:50 mark to see it in action:


4 thoughts on “Cake Stackers, Internal Cake Support System

  1. Cake Stackers is NOT as intuitive as I was hoping. Believe it or not the center rod bent!! It’s true I saved it for proof. I also found the connections almost impossible to twist on to each other. 2 very strong men were with me and they could NOT connect some of the pieces. We were trying to lengthen our center support. I am not as thrilled as I expected to be.
    Right now, I’m still in favor of the old fashion dowel rods.
    I walked away from my CS cake as unsure of it’s standing straight as if I used the dowel rods.
    Something has got to be missing.

    • I’m sorry to hear that! Have you had a chance to let the Cake Stackers company know & did they give you a response?

      Thank you for the valuable information on the system! I haven’t had a chance to use it myself, so your feedback is much appreciated.

  2. Debrah,
    I am sure if you contact Cake Stackers you will get a replacement. Any product can have an occasional defect. The product does exactly what is promised and is loved by many professional and non professionals alike. Just check out their page and you can read the testimony of many users and the pictures of their actual cakes. I will never use flimsy plastic and wooden dowels ever again. This is the best system out there! No more cake disasters, delivery stress or uneven sagging cakes.

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