L’Arche Calgary Cake Walk

We entered the L’Arche Calgary Cake Walk on behalf of the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild. Those mini food pieces were for this cake:

What was this cake about?

The name of the event this year was “A Double Helping” – the L’Arche Calgary Cake Walk joining forces with the Lindt Chocolate Competition. This is the first year it was held at SAIT. The theme was “Celebrating Unity.”

A few ideas were considered – from a mish-mash party theme of bows, gifts, and candles; to a happy cake mascot with face and arms. But they just didn’t have that “Aha!” (or “Eureka?”) feeling. I’m always looking for that core gut feeling when you know everything is in the right place.

One restless night at 3 am – the idea finally came to me. I grabbed paper and a pen, and frantically sketched it down.

The pink house represents L’Arche – a Calgary charity that provides housing for people with disabilities. The brown building represents SAIT – the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; I went to this college to take Baking and Pastry Arts; one of the seeds that has led me to cake decorating.

And they are hugging.

Cake hugging.

It’s like a cake explosion of happiness.

I am grateful to announce that we were awarded 1st place in our category, and also the People’s Choice Award.

This cake would not have been put together if not for friends Janis and Kim. Each person contributed their own unique, special skills to this cake. This was definitely a team effort.

When I look at this cake, I see all the people that came together to make it happen. I also see all the people that came together to create this awesome contest. A huge thank you to:

  • the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild for supporting us and help in transporting it there
  • L’Arche and SAIT for organizing and creating this event
  • competitors for participating
  • all those that came out to enjoy the event
  • the many people that voted for our cake
  • friends and family for putting up with endless hours of cake talk. 😀
  • those who record this event and communicate it others – from photographers to media personnel
  • everyone for all the bits of helpful help we have received along the way – from concept to out the door, this cake has been influenced by many, many people

I encourage anyone and everyone to join the Cake Walk again next year. It can’t be done without you.

2 thoughts on “L’Arche Calgary Cake Walk

  1. Yikesssss, this one truly is amazingly amazing!! but of course this deserve 1st place anytime.

    CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP —I’m giving you a standing ovation— (^_^)

    Yes Rose, you do rock the cake world!!!

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