Sushi Cake!

Woohoo I just finished this sushi cake last night! I heart food cakes.

This was carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I tried out this recipe this time…a little soft for carving, but it had great comments about taste and texture.

I baked into Thursday night, froze it overnight for carving (a necessity to prevent it from crumbling apart during carving), filled + carved and iced it on friday, and finished decorating it on Saturday. It took approximately six hours over the course of three days to create this cake.

I started with covering the rice shape in a thin layer of fondant. I cut out rice pieces and glued them on one-by-one so that they fit snug.

Then I added the shrimp top and lightly sculpted it, and added the gumpaste tail. The colour of the shrimp was hand painted.

The nori is a thin piece of 50/50 gumpaste fondant that was hand painted with extra green and black then cut out and wrapped around.

The wasabi is just fondant. It was actually quite difficult to do – to get that “smushed-but-not-too-much” look right. The ginger and plastic “grass” are gumpaste.

Lots o’ fun!


4 thoughts on “Sushi Cake!

  1. Rose,

    This was the most increidble birthday cake I’ve ever received and I’ve had some amazing birthday cakes. As a true sushi fan, I must say that I appreciate the authenticity of this design. As always, you’ve outdone yourself Rose. Thanks for making a birthday cake of a food that is so close to my heart. I love all Japanese food and sushi above all. You’re very talented and I look forward to reading more posts and seeing more cakes in the near future.


    • Thank you for the feedback, Alison. I’m really pleased that you were happy with the cake – and I can’t wait until you see the next one!

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