Wedding Styled Cake

This one was a display cake and constructed of styrofoam inside…

Man, those tassels were hard to do!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Styled Cake

  1. Hi rose
    what a beautiful art work .I really impressed with your job and also all of them are so clean.
    I have question for you .i like to decorate the cakes and I am self thought but always I have hard time with fondant .
    I heard that some people mix the fondant with modeling chocolate .dose it help to prevent fondant from cracks?

    • Hi Star,

      Good question, I believe that cracks in fondant usually happen because the surface of fondant is dry. You may want to try to mat method of rolling out fondant, which does not dry the surface out as much if you were to use icing sugar or cornstarch to roll it out. To see the difference in the two methods, check out: Other solutions for reducing cracks is just to simply practice enough so that you can cover the cake quickly without the fondant drying out.

      I have tried mixing fondant with modeling chocolate, it tends to make it more firm and give it more body, although because of how expensive modeling chocolate is, it’s not something I would normally do to prevent cracks.

      Hope that helps,

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