New Tool: Water Pen

Woohoo, I just got this water pen in the mail!

It can be used to attach gumpaste/fondant pieces together using water – thus eliminating the need for using a paintbrush and water:

Ordered it from winningpen on

3 thoughts on “New Tool: Water Pen

  1. Sorry to leave a negative comment but I just this minute threw mine away. I loved while it had water in it..but when i tried to open to refill it…I ended up throwing it away after breaking it becuase it would not open!!!
    And i even tried to use pliers!!! And it would not open!!!!
    I am sad becuase I just developed an idea for using it with images from my computer files.
    Now i have to wait until I have the money to try another brand I am surfing for as we speak..

    • Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for reading! Sorry to hear about your experience!

      Yes, mine’s funny like that too, it’s reverse threaded and it screws open in a direction I am not used to, and I always have to remind myself to be careful when opening it. As with any product, there are always different brands available, all with different qualities, and it’s up to the individual to decide what they prefer.

      Thank you for your comment! Good luck & happy caking!

      • Reverse threading? Oh for heavens sakes….too bad I threw it well live and learn. I should have not gotten so annoyed..I should have kept until I saw if a reply. And i thank you for your prompt reply!!!

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