Surprise Big Cupcake Cake

I have been hoping I would have the chance to try the giant cupcake cake again! I really wanted to improve and tweak the shape of it.

So I got a message about about doing a cake for a surprise bridal shower for a friend.  After some humming and haaa-ing, I thought this would a great chance to do the giant cupcake design again.  Around that time, I came across a really cool blog, Bake and Destroy, and was instantly drawn to this big cupcake photo.  I knew it was what I was looking for as my inspiration. Sweet!

The colour theme for the bridal shower – plus her wedding – are pink (fuchsia) and orange.  To surprise her, she was told she would be going to the spa, but would be taken to the shower instead. 😉

This cupcake was not as large as the last cupcake cake, but it was the same moist chocolate cake with vanilla cupcake icing.  This time, I tried separating the top and bottom into two tiers.  Also different this time, I used airbrushing and hand-painting methods to colour the cake.  It was very top-heavy, but I’m happy to say it arrived safe.  The bridal shower was super fun – I’m glad I could be a part of it! And the decor was awesome and matched the cake perfectly!

I feel like I am getting closer and closer to the ideal cupcake cake shape.  Next time, I would like to tweak it again to have more of a “dome” on the top rather than the “donut” shape I have going on.  Lol – someone said it looked like a bagel.

Coffee with that? 😉

2 thoughts on “Surprise Big Cupcake Cake

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