My Threadcakes Cake Contest Entry

I decided at the last minute to enter into the 2010 Threadcakes Cake Contest.  My entry didn’t turn out as 100% as I had hoped, but I am happy that I got in done in such short notice:

The cake is an interpretation of this shirt:

Click here to view my full entry, and the entire baking process – I definitely went a little photo-crazy in my entry.

As for the decoration, I was too rushed and should have set let my hand set up before slapping it on the cake (pun intended 😉 ).  I shoulda known better! 😛

It was a good learning curve and I look forward to next time where I’ll plan further ahead for such a project.

I’m happy it tasted great in the end – delicious moist buttermilk cake with raspberry filling. I was very grateful to cut into it and have a slice after  a busy weekend.

See more step-by-step photos here.


4 thoughts on “My Threadcakes Cake Contest Entry

    • Thanks Lynnette!

      I always forget how hard hands are to sculpt…. I was looking at my own the whole time as a reference, lol. It was made out of white modeling chocolate this time, and I think things would have turned out a bit more as planned if I had just let the hand set up in the cooler before I slapped it on!

      Thanks for the comment!

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