Fifth Wheel RV Motorhome Cake

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a vehicle cake. This time, it was a RV/motorhome cake – specifically, a fifth-wheel trailer!

This cake was for Bill & Livia’s 70th and 65th birthdays! This was a surprise to them from their lovely two daughters.  Bill & Livia are a couple who have their birthdays just a few days apart, and who LOVE to go camping! And they always go RV-ing with their chocolate brown lab. They have been married for many years – 43 to be exact –  and apparently they compliment each other very, very well!

From concept:

To cake:

Happy Birthday and Happy Camping to Bill & Livia!

9 thoughts on “Fifth Wheel RV Motorhome Cake

  1. I absolutely love this cake! So, is that covered in fondant over buttercream frosting, much like your typical cake? The wheels are fondant as well? I didn’t see any directions on how to make this particular cake. Thanks.

  2. Sherry – Thank you for your question. Yes, this cake is fondant over buttercream. I like to use a thin layer of swiss meringue buttercream. The wheels are made out of modeling chocolate in this case. I find fondant too soft to make wheels out of unless they are made ahead of time and allowed to dry. Thanks for looking!

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  4. Just wondering how you managed to do the structure of the cake. Did you use cardboard underneath the extension to keep in sturdy?

  5. Hi how amazing this cake is. I am making a rv for my daughters bat mitzvah and I am wondering what exactly you use to lift the cake so that the wheels fit on..A piece of wood?

    • Hi Susan,

      It’s a piece of polystyrene covered in black foil. Wood would work also, or several layers of cardboard or foam core board.

      If you can’t find black foil, black fondant works too.

      Thanks for looking & I hope that helps!

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