Modern Chocolate Geometric Wedding Cake

This was a very special project for me – a modern geometric dark chocolate wedding cake. This was very structural, in attempt to make the top half of the cake look like it is floating on a ball or sphere of cake.

Modern Chocolate Geometric Wedding Cake


  • the cake is covered in premuim dark chocolate fondant
  • topper is made of dark Callebaut chocolate
  • flowers are hand made from gumpaste, and the centers were painted black using powdered food coloring
  • the red balls were made of coating chocolate painted red using powdered food colouring
  • the curly accents are made of dark modeling chocolate
  • all the tiers were of moist chocolate cake  filled with chocolate Swiss butter cream (minus boards and dowels of course) – except for the bottom half of the sphere, which was styrofoam.

Modern Chocolate Wedding Cake

Modern Chocolate Geometric Wedding Cake

Modern Chocolate Geometric Wedding Cake

Modern Wedding Cake


7 thoughts on “Modern Chocolate Geometric Wedding Cake

    • There is a center dowel that is attached to the bottom cake board.

      This dowel runs through the bottom tier and the sphere. This dowel is also attached to a board that the two top tiers sit on.

      Hope that helps!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the size differences between the top layer and the sphere. Your work is so inspiring, I wish that I could have something like this at my wedding 🙂 I’m also completely in love with the topper. How did you manage to get the fondant covering so smooth?

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