Golf Bag Cake

I recently had the chance to make a golf-themed retirement cake. For the design, I decided to go with a golf bag!

And after looking at numerous golf bags on Google, I decided to simplify the design of this particular bag –  the Pierotucci Canvas and Firm Grain Embossed Leather Golf Bag:

And this is how it turned out as a 3-D, fondant-covered, golf bag cake:

Golf Bag Cake

Golf Bag Cake

Golf Bag Cake

I remembered two questions about this cake, which I thought would be helpful to share the answers here:

Question #1: “How was the cake shaped?”

The cake was hand carved using a serrated knife. I baked rectangular sheets of cake and stacked them up. Next, I carved out the shape of the golf bag the same way one would carve an ice sculpture or clay sculpture – by cutting away pieces of cake and in some cases, adding some. With cake, tt’s definitely a time-sensitive process  – gotta get that icing on before it dries out!

Question #2: “How was the writing done?”

The writing was done using a food colouring marker. It’s like a regular marker, but it’s filled with food colouring instead. Really great for little dots and lines. The one I used here was the AmeriColor Gourmet Writer:

Americolor Food Coloring Pen

A few more photos of the cake for you to enjoy:


9 thoughts on “Golf Bag Cake

  1. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing as it is helpful to see how this is all done. I only wish I could do as much as you do.

  2. Wow! What a great job you did with this. It looks just like the real thing. Thanks so much for posting how you did it. You make it look less daunting. :o)

  3. How did you cover The big cake In fondant? Did you put a layer of buttercream frosting first and. Layer of marzipan before the fondant? I always have trouble keeping the fondant on shaped cakes smooth, since the edges are usually rough after cutting the shape. Any tips appreciated! Fantastic work!!!!! And are the clubs just in fondant?

    • Hi Grace, thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I used a layer of buttercream frosting first. I did not use marzipan. I like to make sure the layer of buttercream is nice and smooth. The golf clubs were made of gum paste.

      • Thanks for writing back. I am still amazzed. I’m going to try a golf bag this weekend, but a Callaway one. How many cakes did you use for yours? Looks like a big one, so a few rectangular cakes? And did you use dowel rods for the clubs?

      • Hi Grace! I work from large sheets of 18″ x 26″ of cake. I would say that the cake is probably carved out of two sheets of cake. Yes, there are wooden skewers in the golf clubs for support & for inserting them into the cake. Happy caking!

  4. Hi Rose,

    Very cute!! Where did you find the Americolor pen?? I can only find Wilton and it doesn’t seem to write on candy melts.

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