Happy Earth Day – Earth Cake

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd, and in celebration, Green Calgary created a fun event called the Seven Steps for Earth Day. For the event, I had the awesome opportunity to make an Earth Cake!

Earth Cake

Globe Cake

Earth Day Cake

The Earth Cake was made with chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

First, layers of cake were stacked, filled, then carved into a half sphere of cake. It was then iced in buttercream, then covered in fondant.

In decorating the cake, I started off with a blue marbled fondant. The key with marbling fondant is to not over mix your contrasting colours in the beginning. For a really great tutorial on marbling fondant, check out Peggy Weaver’s article on Marbling Fondant.

World Cake

After the blue fondant was added, I cut out the shape of the continents and stuck them on. Then I hand-painted the continents, water, and clouds to give the cake more depth and texture. I really love my paint brush!

I also had the chance to play around with another type of brush – my airbrush.  This time, I used a stencil and my airbrush to re-create the Green Calgary logo. Kudos to whomever designed the logo – it’s a great design!

Calgary Tower Cake

So what are the Seven Steps?

1. Eat Thoughtfully
2. Eliminate Toxins from Your Home
3. Minimize Your Energy Use
4. Spend Consciously
5. Travel Wisely
6. Waste-less
7. Water: A precious resource

All very good points, in my opinion. I believe it’s all about being grateful for our surroundings and saying thank you to the world and Mother Nature for all the abundant resources that have been given to us.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day – Earth Cake

  1. I love the marbling of the sky and clouds! I am making a cake for science class and I’m excited to incorporate this technique into it since I was just going to cover it in sky blue and put green continents on top of it.

    • Hi Rosemary, thank you for your comment. For myself, I tried looking up images of the earth and maps of the world, then printing them out and cutting them out as a guide. Yes, I agree, it’s hard to do free hand.

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