Boston Cream Pie

In light of the Stanley Cup last week, I am very grateful to have the recent opportunity to create an over-sized Boston cream pie!

It was a special request for a very kind friend of ours that wanted to spread the joy of the hockey playoffs with both the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins fans. (And I still can’t believe the four goals in the 1st four minutes!)

The Boston cream pie turned out to be 16″ in diameter, and was decorated with a hand-cut Canucks logo.

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

So what is a Boston cream pie exactly? Well it turns out it’s not a pie at all, but a cake.

Traditionally, Boston cream pie is white cake filled with a layer of pastry cream, then finished with a chocolate glaze on top. I used this  my favourite white cake recipe, this pastry cream recipe, as well as a ganache ratio of 1 part couverture chocolate by weight to 1 part heavy whipping cream by weight.

It was a simple dessert that I had fun putting together, and it brought back many memories of the projects we would create back in baking school. The cake went over so well, that he requested a second cake two days later in order to continue spreading the tongue-in-cheek “joy”. 😉

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