Tiffany Box Cake

This isn’t just a Tiffany Box cake, it’s actually much more than that.

Hiding inside this special cake was an actual Tiffany Box….

Tiffany Box Cake

Tiffany Box Cake

Tiffany Box Cake

And inside that Tiffany box, was a Tiffany Box charm!

You could say that this was part of my research; gift boxes on display at Tiffany & Co., located in Calgary’s Chinook Mall:

The cake took Carlos’  ingenious idea of a Matryoshka doll – turned into a cake!

Here is an sketch of the actual construction of the cake, ( if I could take a cross section):

Cake Construction Sketch

It was constructed out of two layers of cake. The top layer of cake acted as the “lid”, and was created on it’s own cake board of the exact same size. Cake was cut out from the center of the bottom layer, where the real Tiffany Box could fit. Dowels were inserted into the bottom layer of the cake. The Tiffany Box was placed inside, then the “lid” was placed ontop. It was finished off with the gumpaste sugar bow.

What a very cool birthday surprise!


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