Making Gumpaste Sugar Orchids

I’ve been practicing lately. Sugar flowers that is. The last time I even attempted gumpaste sugar flowers was nearly four years ago in Baking and Pastry Arts school at SAIT.

The perfect opportunity came up for me to get back into it again. And it was also an opportunity to test out the new camera!

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

Gumpaste is an edible cake decorating medium, similar to fondant. It is mostly made out of icing sugar, binding agents (such as corn syrup or egg whites), and vegetable gums (hence the word “Gum.”) To difference between gumpaste and fondant is that gumpaste can be rolled incredibly thin, and I mean really  thin. Think see-through-paper-thin. It also tends to dry hard and brittle, which can be very visually appealing, yet so fragile.

It takes a certain mindset to get into the groove of making sugar flowers. I compare it to the same attention-to-detail mindset one would need when cross stitching. It was also a great chance to get together with the girls, as each one of us worked on different parts of the flower. I think I’ll have to adjust the colour of them to be a bit more purply, but I’m pretty happy with the overall feel of them.

What I really love about making gumpaste flowers is the process of taking very basic materials and turning them into something that can be so pretty.

It’s like re-creating nature.

Gumpaste Sugar Orchid

What do you think? Does it look like the real thing?

11 thoughts on “Making Gumpaste Sugar Orchids

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  2. OMG!!! They look just like real flowers!!! I am also trying to practice and improve my gum paste technique. Thanks for your fantastic photos! Really inspireing.

  3. Hi Rose Sen, i also learn how to make this but it doesn’t turn look real like yours, although i use the cutter for it, still look not real. So thank you to post this one, i’ve been looking for tutorial for this one, and find your website, so it’s really good step by step photos. Thank u so much. Tedy.

  4. Hi Ros Sen, They look beautiful and so real. I’m hoping that you can help me. I have an order for a wedding cake for 6 days from today on June 1st .My problem the orchid mold I ordered was much small than I thought. Do you have a template for the orchids that you made? I’m going to have to cut them out free hand. I was hoping you may have something that would show me the shape and size of the different parts to the gum paste orchid.
    Thank You, Doreen

  5. Hi. I’m getting married and am looking for the right type of orchids to go on my wedding cake. could you tell me the name of the mild you used or maybe the name of this specific orchid. Would be of great help. These are the first ones I think look absolutely incredible and I can barely believe they aren’t the real thing. thank you so much.

    • Hello Sabrina,
      Thank you for your question. They are dendrobium orchids. Unfortunately they are not make from a mold, each petal is cut out, wired, allowed to dry, then taped together. The cutters are from Creative Cutters.
      Hope that helps,

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