Chuckwagon Cake

Chuckwagon Cake

Chuck Wagon Cake

Stampede Chuckwagon Cake
Chuckwagon Cake

I’m so happy I got a chance to make a Chuckwagon cake! Not only that, it was for the Rick  Fraser chuckwagon team!

For those of you who are not in Calgary, once a year, we have the Calgary Stampede. It’s a huge fun expo/celebration, with focus on the western lifestyle, agriculture, and the rodeo. This is when the cowboy hats and boots come out for everyone, and the whole city gets into party gear.

I’m fortunate that I had the chance to enjoy the Stampede this year. I think having William and Kate at the parade really increased enthusiasm for the Stampede this year –  I know it did for me.

At the Stampede,  I had the chance to check out the rodeo for the first time! I got to see several events, including bareback riding, bull riding, barrel racing, saddle bronc, steer wrestling and tie-down roping. After the rodeo, we checked out the cake competition(of course). And I had my share of mini donuts and smoked beef on a bun – the food is a very important part of the Stampede, in my opinion. 😉

Another integral part of the Stampede are the chuckwagon races, so I was so happy when the opportunity arose for me to make this traditional-styled chuckwagon cake.  I feel like it was my little way of participating in the Stampede itself, and giving back to this great event.

Hats off to all those cowboys, volunteers, staff, and participants that make the Calgary Stampede come together!

6 thoughts on “Chuckwagon Cake

    • Hi Cindy,

      The wagon wheels were made using strips of gumpaste cut and layed in spoke shapes, then attached to more gumpaste circle pieces. They were made ahead of time, then allowed to dry before attaching to the cake.

      Hope that helps,

  1. Thank you. Is the the whole wagon make with cake? Under the white top and under the wagon. It looks like it’s covered with black fondant?

  2. sorry to keep asking questions, Im getting ready to make a cake like this and was wondering what size cake pan you used for the wagon part. Thank you

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