Chicago Blackhawks Cake – Cut Out Logo

I recently had the opportunity to make a 1 foot wide Chicago Blackhawks cake for the ultimate Chicago Blackhawks fan…

Chicago Blackhawks Cake

Chicago Blackhawks Cake

The logo measured about 10″ across and was all cut out by hand, using a template and one of my favorite tools, my Exacto/craft knife:

Exacto Craft Knife

I actually got this knife for just a dollar at the Dollar Store, but wow – I’ve definitely used it lots! I love the detail that it can cut out with such a fine point.

Here’s a pic of the cutting process in the beginning:

Chicago Black Hawks Cake

What I like about this tool is that it comes with disposable blades, so once the blade gets dull, I can change it for a brand new sharp one.

And I can’t stress enough to be careful with knives, and especially this one. It really is sharp!


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