New Books in the Mail

I’m so excited, I just got a few new books in the mail last week.

I ordered them on (they have a Canadian site and a US site,, and was so happy when they finally arrived!

There are so many areas in cake decorating that I still want to learn more about and refine my skills in. Some areas that I would love to learn more are in making gumpaste flowers and also in royal icing work.

These books may not be for everyone. For example, I personally like books with lots of technical written instruction and theory.

I know I always need more practice, and most importantly, theoretical knowledge – so that’s why I chose  the following:

The International School of Sugarcraft, Book Two –  Advanced

This is a very technical book, full of in-depth written instructions, clear photographs of the process, and various templates. This book touches on traditional techniques that you might not see too often today in mainstream cake decorating, including:

  • royal icing work such as brush embroidery, lace decorations, extension work, filigree, and run outs.
  • sugar flowers that you can make with or without cutters
  • how to assemble sprays or groups of sugar flowers together
  • marzipan figures, moulded chocolate figures, and pastillage.

The book is compiled from a number of instructors, with the Principal teacher being Nicholas Lodge from The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art

The International School of Sugarcraft, Book Three  – New Skills and Techniques

Like the above Book Two, this is a very technical book. It touches on areas that are more popular today in mainstream cake decorating, such as:

  • using moulds and cutters
  • creating textures and fabric effects
  • modelling figures using gumpaste
  • popular sugar flowers such as the peopny, gerbera daisy, and hydrangea

Again, the Princical teacher is Nicholas Lodge from The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art , but this time along with Margaret Ford from CelCakes products.

Sugar Orchid for Cakes

This is a very pretty book, full of photographs of flower arrangements. It  focused on how to make realistic, detailed gumpaste orchids. In my opinion, it’s a very current type of flower used often in today’s modern wedding cakes.

It goes over numerous species of orchids, and shows step-by-step photographs of the flower making process, along with written instructions of each step.

If you like sugar flowers, check out Alan Dunn’s website for more amazing flower arrangements.

Sugar Roses for Cakes

And last but not least, Sugar Roses for Cakes. Can you believe that’s a sugar rose on the cover? This is probably my favourite book out of this post.

The rose has always been known as the Queen of all flowers, and I think it will always be a classic wedding cake decoration. Like the previously listed book, this book shows the making of many different species of roses, and has photographs of the process along with concise written instructions. It’s clear to me that the authors and creators of this book have a love for roses and for botany.


2 thoughts on “New Books in the Mail

  1. I had the privilege of taking 2 gumpaste flower classes taught by Chef Lodge. What a master sugar artist!! His books are wonderful and if you are having difficulty you can email his school and they respond within a week with suggestions. He has a new book coming out in August which will have instructions for several popular flowers. It will definitely be worth adding to your collection. Check his website for the book I getting it for sure!

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