Baptism Cake

Baptism CakeBaptism Baby CakeBaptism Bow CakeGumpaste Bow

Beaded Cake Border

Sugar BowA baptism cake for baby Tristan.

I love making gumpaste bows. I find that the secret to a realistic bow is to roll the gumpaste very thin to help mimics the draping of real fabric. Gumpaste works much better than fondant as it can be rolled thinner and also has more strength and “body”.

Texture also  makes a hug difference. In this case, I used a cross stitch plastic grid canvas, pressing it into the rolled out gumpaste before cutting out and shaping the bow.

The beaded trim is done with royal icing, I was aiming to make nice even shells/beads, especially after my previous royal icing practice.

In the end, I was really happy with how this cake turned out, and the simple understated elegance that comes across it.


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