Mountain Cake

A 3D Mountain Cake

For Rhonda & Darren’s wedding….

Mountain Cake

This was my inspiration, Mount Temple in Banff:

photo by John G. Wilbanks

This was a mountain of cake. Literally. This cake weighed about 40 lbs. That’s 40 lbs of cake, buttercream icing and fondant. Here’s what the inside looked like:

Mountain Cake CarvingCarving Mountain CakeAnd thank goodness for walk-ins! Here it was all packed up, this cake needed a cart to move around:

Cake CoolerThere’s a special story behind the van. I had a chance to see the van in person, and I was really impressed with what a unique vehicle it is. To make room for an extra sleeping spot, it’s even got a roof that folds up! They told me that when they first got the van it had been sitting on a beach and it was a true surfer’s van – full of sand, and even a surfing poster tacked onto the roof. Here are her words:

“We bought a 1981 Volkswagen Camper Van with the pop top roof in California about five years ago.  We flew down to L.A. and drove it home without incident (amazingly).  We were going to take a year to rebuild the van and it took us five.  It’s inaugeral camping trip was the September long weekend last year and we almost froze (it snowed of course), because a van from California does not have a gas heater… regardless we had lots of fun.”

Here’s their actual van:

VW Camper Van PhotosAnd here it is as a cake (chocolate cake with vanilla icing):

VW Van CakeVolkswagen Van CakeVW Camper Van CakeRhonda & Darren spend most of their time in the mountains, enjoying the life! Skiing, biking, paddleboarding, and just being in the great outdoors – that’s what this cake was all about.

Cake Sugar Surfboards PaddleboardsCake Gumpaste TentCake Gumpaste SkisCake Gumpaste Bike3D Mountain Cake

I’m so grateful to have a chance to work with such a wonderful couple. I think they really share a philosophy that I live by as well – and that is that you live only once, so live life to it’s fullest.

Custom Cake FiguresCustom Wedding CakeCongratulations Rhonda & Darren!

14 thoughts on “Mountain Cake

    • Hello, thank you for the question. It looks glossy in the photo because the cake is cold, and was coming up to room temp – in other words, it’s just some condensation. Yes, both gel paste and liquid food color was used to paint the cake.

      Thanks for looking!

  1. Hi Rose, what colors did you use for the Mountain cake? I found your web site today and I love your cakes, Thank you for helping us with your ideas.


      • Hi, this cake is for how many people, a friend of mine ask me for a mountain cake for 180 or 200 people and I am try to figure out how big this cake will be.


      • Hi Martha, this cake fit on a 18 x 26 inch board, and was about 14″ at it’s highest point, and served over 60. How many it serves depends on how big the pieces are. I anticipate a mountain of cake for 180 to 200 people will be a very big cake.

        Hope that helps,

  2. Hi rose,

    I just stumbled up on your amazing looking cake. How did you get the different collors in the mountain? And did you just use black for the mountain or also grey? Is there a tutorial or something on how to create this mountain?

    Thanks – Maartje

    • Hello Maartje,

      I airbrushed the mountain using shades of black, brown and green. A lighter coating of black will appear as grey. After the airbrush colour was dry, royal icing was applied to appear as snow.

      Hope that helps, R

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