18 thoughts on “Shoe Box Cake Process

  1. This tutorial is fabulous… Thanks. What material did you make your shoe form from? Better still, how did you make it. I need a shoe form like that.

  2. Just wanted to swing by and say thank you for your beautiful pictures and tutorial! I just did a shoe box cake and modeled it after your tutorial. I need to work on the degree of precision that you have. Here’s a link to the photos in case you’d like to see. Also, I’d like to give you credit for the shoe design. Are you on facebook?

  3. Hi Rose!
    Love this! Your foam core shoe form, is it assembled in a “T” shape (sort of) so the drying part of the sole is resting on a thin narrow width, or did you make it wider, so the sole would dry correctly flat? I hope my question makes sense! 🙂 I’m going to try and construct this at work tomorrow, I need to make some awesome heels for a cake!
    Thanks again, love the blog!!

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