Helicopter Cake

There’s a special story behind each cake, and this one is no exception. This cake is about  a proposal. Not just any proposal, but Kirt and Meagan’s proposal after a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon! Can you say a swept-off-your-feet type of experience?

Here’s a pic of Meagan and Kirt after their moment:

Now that’s happiness. 🙂

The helicopter itself is the N137PH Eurocopter from Papillion Grand Helicopters:

01. Engagement1

It’s not everyday I get the chance to recreate such a special scene and to create a helicopter cake…

02. Gumpaste Figure

03. Sugar Cake Figure

06. Cake Planning

The making of the helicopter cake was an incredible process. This was by far, one of the most structurally challenging cakes I have done so far. Not only was it making the cake, but it felt like recreating the helicopter itself. The entire cake itself measured 3 feet long, and the planning alone took the most time. Many components such as the base, main rotor, tail and tail rotor couldn’t be made out of cake and needed careful consideration.

It all came together the day before the wedding:

07. Cake Template

08. Chocolate Helicopter Cake

09. Cake Structure

I learned a number of techniques to create the internal structure of this cake from Mike McCarey’s Cake Structure Class as well as his Cakenology DVD. I found myself reviewing many of my notes and photos from his class. A kind thank you to the amazing Mike for putting this information out there. Check out his cakes here.

And thank you to Kim and Janis for the help on this cake – their talents never cease to amaze me.

12. Crumb Coat

13. Fondant Helicopter

19. Calgary Cake Artist

20. Helicopter Cake

24. Airplane Wedding Cake

30. Engagemnet Cake

Thank you to Simply Brooke Photography for this sweet photo of the cake cutting (pun intended):

31. cakecutting

It astonishes me everyday what cake really represent. This was a tangible, edible, symbol of love and happiness – from their hearts… and into their bellies!

Here’s a slideshow of the process. Enjoy!:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Helicopter Cake

  1. Hi Rosen,
    you are such an amazing artist! thanks for sharing. I’d like to ask what kind of icing are you using before you cover the cake with Fondant? Is that wilton butter icing?


    • Hi Verna,

      Thank you for your question. I like to use a Swiss Meringue Buttercream under the fondant. This type of icing tends to hold it’s shape very well and it’s taste and texture compliments the fondant very well.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Hi Rose,
    Yes!! this will be a big help! i havent tried the swiss meringue butter icing but i will try it tonight.


  3. What did you make the tail out of?? I see the tail Rotor is Fondant 🙂 Is the actual tail Chocolate?? Did it go far inside the body of the helicopter??? I am so facinated on how you have it stabilized!!! Your work is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing with the WORLD!! I am sure your cakes bring much happiness to peoples lifes as you have brought happiness to me!!
    Thank you,

  4. You are a true artist! How clever, most decoraters can only imagine how a cake can look finished, you are a true visionary!

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