Champagne Bottle Cake

Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some photos I wanted to share with you of a champagne bottle cake for a champagne birthday! Did you know that a Champagne birthday is when you turn the same age as the day you were born? (Also known as a Golden or Grand birthday)

Bottle Cake

Champagne Bottle Cake

Gumpaste Bow

This champagne bottle cake itself measures over 18″ long and was carved out of white cake filled with chocolate buttercream. Even the cork and neck were made of cake on the inside. To make the neck look like it is sitting up, it actually rested on a cushion of cake.

The bow is made of gumpaste. Gumpaste is the secret to making realistic bows that look like fabric. Gumpaste rolls out much more thin, holds it shape better, and dries faster. However, gumpaste does tend to dry hard and brittle, making the edible art much more delicate… and thus intriguing.

The gold metallic look on the label and cap was created using edible lustre dust mixed with a small amount of alcohol, then painted on. The alcohol quickly evaporates – so no worries – no alcohol was consumed in eating the cake itself. 😉

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