Half Birthday Cake

This was such a fun cake! Here is the original concept:

Half Birthday Cake Cake Sketch
And here is the cake:

Half Birthday Cake

Funky Half Birthday CakeThe exposed surface of the cake is not actually cake, but fondant that had been made to look like cake:

Birthday Cake Layers

To achieve the effect, I first covered the cake in a layer of chocolate fondant. I took the matching coloured fondant, mixed it with a bit of water, then melted it it down until it had a paste-like consistency. The melted fondant was then dabbed onto the surface, thus creative that rough texture.

For the layers of filling, cream coloured fondant strips were applied, then roughed up using a paring knife. A thin line of red food colouring was painted on to create the look of jam.

The actual cake inside was chocolate cake with mango buttercream, and the strategically placed crumbs you see  at the bottom of the cake are actually made from torn pieces of fondant.

Gumpaste Panda Figure

Half Birthday Cake TopperSprinkles Cake

Hapy Half Birthday

7 thoughts on “Half Birthday Cake

  1. Love this idea Rose!!! Looks awesome as usual. If I lived in Calgary I’ld ask to come work for you for free 😉

    • Hi Jen!
      Good question – the cake was actually for a surprise party, the idea being that the recipient would not be expecting a cake on such a day!
      Thanks for looking!

  2. Woooooow!!! I am so glad someone finally shares info about their cakes.. i am saving your site and I will read all your blogs from now on.. Thank you. I am a hobby baker and never really took formal classes, so everything I learned is from the internet. Neither do I have any friends who is into baking! From learning high altitude baking to staking cakes,, all from online. Ill be a regular reader here for sure! Thank you!

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