Edible Photograph Wedding Cake

(A project from Fall 2012…)

I like to say that cake is not always just cake.

It’s a symbol of the achievements of people and the relationships that we have with each other. It’s a tangible, and edible, representation of love & appreciation.

In my adventures in cake, I’ve been blessed to be part of these celebrations. This is no exception.

There is a special story behind this cake. A few years ago I made a Nikon D300 DSLR camera cake for the most amazing couple, as a special surprise birthday gift to him from her. This camera cake quickly became one of the most talked about cakes I have ever created.

I was overjoyed that not too long after, they were engaged! As a photography enthusiast, the goal for me was to create a wedding cake that featured their photos – personal photos that captured the spirit of their relationship and the special moments in their lives:

Edible Photo Wedding Cake Edible Photograph Wedding CakeCreating the look of this cake…

The plaque was cut out craft knife and template as a guide. It was then hand painted using a paintbrush:

Just Married Cake

Wedding Cake Topper

Tape was created using beige-coloured gumpaste, by rolling it out thinly, then “tearing” the edges.

Blue, red and white tacks were hand-shaped out of modelling chocolate:

Edible Photo Cake

The images were created by using a computer printer and food colouring ink to print on edible image paper. Each image was then cut out, then attached to a thin sheet of edible sugar gumpaste.

This is one of my favorite photos:

Edible Image Wedding Cake

I had the pleasure of seeing the cake cut, and was delighted when a little boy kept coming up to the table to pick up slices for his table. He was sure to pick up the slices with the edible images.

He knew that they were special.

(Congratulations to Erin & Tyler! May you enjoy many countless years of happiness together!)


4 thoughts on “Edible Photograph Wedding Cake

  1. What a gorgeous cake!…i only discovered your blog a few weeks ago by chance (i spent a good few hours going through every post!) and I must say your work is so flawless and truly inspiring!

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