5 thoughts on “Project Cake: Part 3 – Gumpaste Roses

  1. your roses are so realistic. I cannot believe they aren’t real roses. Your work is amazing. You are the most talented cake sculptor I have ever seen.

    • Hello Carliena, thank you for your question. The pot contains boiling water, and it’s purpose is to lightly steam the roses after the roses are dusted with colour, this allows the dust colours to bind to the gumpaste better. Steaming also provides a subtle shine. -R

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your cake stories with us. OMG you are so talented, beyond the meaning of talent. I watch so many top cake artists and I have yet seen anyone with your talent. U need to be on tv :). I m learning a lot from you. Do you do workshops/training? I live in the UK, but would travel to Canada to learn from you. May God continue to bless the work of your talented hands 🙂

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