Project Cake: Part 5 – Gumpaste Figure Sculpting

Gumpaste (or gum paste) figure sculpting or modelling:

In any type of sculpting or modelling of a human figure, I find it best to shape each piece separately, the attached together after drying. By shaping and allowing the head, arms and body to dry separately, it allows for less dis-figuration when attaching.

Another key to success is the use of a fine point to pick up and attach small pieces. Our fingers are blunt and difficult to see around, making precise placement difficult. Fingers and hands are also warm, which an easily melt or make fine pieces sticky. Always use the tip of a toothpick, or tip of a knife to attach fine pieces.

With a paintbrush, lightly wet the area that the fine piece is to attach to. Then use your fine point to lightly prick the piece, then attach it. Use modelling tools, not fingers, to shape pieces in place.

In this particular case, the arms, body and wings have an internal wire. The wings were hand cut and textured using a craft knife:

1. Gumpaste Head2. Gumpaste Face3. Gumpaste Face4. Gumpaste Angel Wings5. Gumpaste Figure Sculpting6. Gumpaste Modelling7. Gumpaste Figure Modelling8. Gumpaste Sculpting


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