Project Cake: Part 8 – Baking, Cutting, Filling & Crumb Coating

Fruit cake unfortunately has a bad reputation.

Now good fruit cake is something worth experiencing.

Quality fruit cake is made using quality dried fruits, a simple butter pound cake batter, and once baked, thoroughly soaked in alcohol (for example, 1/2 to 1 cup of alcohol for an 8″ cake). It is then wrapped tightly, and allowed to age for a minimum of 2 weeks, thus allowing the alcohol to penetrate into the dried fruits and flavours to mellow and mature. In this particular case, whiskey was used, but rum and bourban are widely used. I heard a story once from a pastry chef, who said the best fruit cake he ever consumed was vacuum sealed and allowed to age for five years.

Fruit cake is best served with a layer of almond marzipan and, of course, a cup of tea.

For this particular cake, instead of marzipan, a layer of whipped ganache was used as a base layer. Rice cereal treats were used for select tiers.

The use of fruit cake in traditional cake decorating has the benefit of keeping at room temperature, and a firm stability that easily supports royal icing piping.


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3 thoughts on “Project Cake: Part 8 – Baking, Cutting, Filling & Crumb Coating

    • Hello Gustavo, thank you for your question. To reduce the weight of the cakes, I use whipped (well-aerated) buttercream or ganache as the main base under the fondant, and I roll fondant very thin. Having a good smooth coat of buttercream or ganache under fondant is helpful because the more smooth it is, the less fondant I can use. Fondant is usually the heaviest, and most expensive, part of a cake. I also usually choose foamcore cake boards over cardboard. However in the end, I would say that the cakes are indeed heavy. Hope that helps, R.

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