Interesting Cake Links – January 2012 Edition

This is a second edition of interesting cake links. I have been collecting these amazing cake tutorials, articles, and videos – and wanted to share their fantastic work with you:

  • Datafone visually shows what baking is really about, in the captivating short films Cupcakes and Macaron

See the first version of interesting cake links here.

Interesting Cake Links

Here are some great cake links that I’ve been collecting &  just wanted to share:

Cake News in the Community

Here are some upcoming cake events I wanted to share – cake contests, competitions, classes, and demos going on!

Threadcakes 2011 now open for entries!

Threadcakes is a fun cake decorating contest that anyone can enter. Entries end on August 15th, 2011. It is a web-based contest, where you take photos and or/videos of the making of the cake to submit. (This was my entry from last year!) The goal of this contest is to design and create a cake based on the many amazing Threadless T-Shirt Designs.

I love these contests as it’s a really great way to practice skills! I also love browsing the entries as many of the entries explain: 1. How much time it took to decorate the cake and, 2. The process showing how they made the cake, along with tons of photographs

Cake Competition at the Calgary Stampede

For those located in Calgary, AB, I highly suggest to check out the cake entries at the annual Calgary Stampede, Western Lifestyles Creative Arts & Crafts Competition. I love this competition event because the art and crafts that you will see here are contributed by local Calgarians and Albertans, really making them part of the Stampede.

The intricate cakes will be on display in the BMO Center in the arts & crafts area. Entries are now closed, but if you are interested, plan for next year – the contest is open to anyone! At no extra cost, you can also see live cake decorating demonstrations  from the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild on Saturday July 9th from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm in the same area as well.

Cake Love 2011 – Cake Conference

Cake Love 2011 is a huge cake class and teaching event to be held on September 23rd to 25th in Vancouver, Canada. And they now have the prices and schedule posted online!

Famous professional cake decorators from all over the world, some that you may have even seen on TV, such as Colette Peters, Anne Heap, Norman Davis, Laura Kitchens and Toba Garett will be at Cake Love 2011. Registration is $85 for those staying at the host hotel (the Delta Vancouver Airport), or $185 that want to stay elsewhere. Plus the additional cost for each class you want to sign up for – classes and demos range anywhere from $20 and up, with most classes under $100.

Or if you are just looking for cake classes in Calgary, Alberta – see this post.

The World’s Largest Opera House Cake Finished!

They got it done!!!!  And it took 8 days,  22 volunteers, 10 staff, $40 000 to make, and weighed 1.5 tonnes in the end.

Kudos to Planet Cake for a job very well executed. Paris Cutler is absolutely amazing.

World’s Largest Opera House Cake by Planet Cake

The ever amazing Planet Cake, located in Australia, is tackling the worlds largest Opera House Cake! I have been following the story for the last few days, and I am in awe.

The sense of teamwork and enthusiasm for the project really shines though. They are applying for a Guinness World Record, and I am confident (especially with Paris Cutler!) that they will make it.

What’s also interesting is that they use a chocolate mud cake and a chocolate ganache to fill and ice the cake – great for Australia’s humid climate.

To get the updates, join Planet Cake on Facebook.

The Amazing Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

I just had to share these videos and quotes from one of my greatest inspirations – Ron Ben-Israel.

He has been dubbed by Modern Bride magazine as the “King of Cakes.”

Ron Ben-Israel is known for making amazing luxury wedding cakes. His style includes fondant-covered wedding cakes that are decorated with sugar gumpaste flowers.

He also specializes in using elements of the wedding dress in the cake. To do this, he makes food-grade silicone molds from pieces of lace and beading from the actual dress.

And he ooozes passion.

Check the 2:40 mark to see his special locked drawers of fashion molds from Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang:

Quote Ron: “People think that I’ll be heartbroken to see the cake being cut. However it’s the most joyous occasion for me that actually the bride and groom hold hands together and  cut the cake. It’s the first task they are doing as a married couple.”

And here’s a great video on what it takes to recreate the look of jewels and bling on a wedding cake:

Quote: “Once the cake is baked and frosted and stacked it’s like a blank canvas. I have all the elements –  sugar flowers and decorations. Once my hands get on the cake, it’s like a performance. You don’t stop, there is no going back, and the result always surprises me.”

Check out Ron Ben-Israel’s YouTube Channel for many more great videos

Fondant How To Videos from Satin Ice

How to Use Fondant Videos from Satin Ice

I just had the chance to watch some great videos on the Satin Ice website. (Satin Ice a premium brand of rolled fondant).

If you are looking for some helpful videos on how to use fondant and videos on fondant decoration techniques, check out the Satin Ice website here.

Buddy’s sheeter makes me jealous. 😀 Talk about fast & efficient!

Ace of Cakes Last Season

Read the message from Duff himself here.

Ace of Cakes is airing it’s last season in January.

It’s one of my favourite cake shows of all time –  I consider it the pioneer of the many cake TV programs that we have today. I was sad the hear the news, but I know that all good things but come to an end – and Ace of Cakes has been around for many years now. In my opinion, Ace of Cakes was one of the things that was essential to skyrocketing the huge cake culture that we have growing today.

If you haven’t seen Ace of Cakes, you can still catch it on the Food Network. The show follows Duff Goldman(the “Ace”), and his bakery & team, Charm City Cakes, through the making of many spectacular cakes. You’ll like the show if you enjoy detailed cakes, mellow/cool vibes, dry humor, and the occasional cake pun.

To me, it feels a lot less scripted than many other shows, and it’s much more about the special story behind each cake.

Ace of Cakes airs on Thursdays 10:00 pm EST in Canada. Check out the Food Network Listings for additional times.



Anne Wright Photography

I love looking at photos.

I had the fortunate pleasure of having my cake photographed by Calgary-based professional photographer, Anne Wright. Anne was very kind to share some of her beautiful photos that she had taken of the canoe cake I had created for David & Felicity:

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright PhotographyCourtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

Courtesy Anne Wright Photography

I would describe her photography style as modern, with a very soft feel.  I feel she’s especially great at capturing/noticing the fine details – the special details that make a wedding so unique and individual.

To enjoy more of Anne Wright’s fantastic work, please do check out:

Cupcake Wars

This is an interesting and entertaining article about the serious rivalry between two famous cupcake bakeries located in New York.  It is a story of friends that turn into enemies in the competitive world of cupcakes.

Read the full article, Sweet and Vicious, by Adam Sternbergh, here.