Chicago Blackhawks Cake – Cut Out Logo

I recently had the opportunity to make a 1 foot wide Chicago Blackhawks cake for the ultimate Chicago Blackhawks fan…

Chicago Blackhawks Cake

Chicago Blackhawks Cake

The logo measured about 10″ across and was all cut out by hand, using a template and one of my favorite tools, my Exacto/craft knife:

Exacto Craft Knife

I actually got this knife for just a dollar at the Dollar Store, but wow – I’ve definitely used it lots! I love the detail that it can cut out with such a fine point.

Here’s a pic of the cutting process in the beginning:

Chicago Black Hawks Cake

What I like about this tool is that it comes with disposable blades, so once the blade gets dull, I can change it for a brand new sharp one.

And I can’t stress enough to be careful with knives, and especially this one. It really is sharp!

New Tool: Water Pen

Woohoo, I just got this water pen in the mail!

It can be used to attach gumpaste/fondant pieces together using water – thus eliminating the need for using a paintbrush and water:

Ordered it from winningpen on

Where to Buy Cake Decorating Supplies in Calgary

Here is a list of cake decorating supply stores in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that I am aware of. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add a comment below. Each store is good for specific items, and some even offer cake decorating classes:

PM Hobbycraft

PM Hobbycraft carries many brands and a large selection of cake supplies: fondant, gumpaste, cake styrofoam dummies, cutters, boards, and more.

  • North Store: 2020J 32 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 6T4, (403) 291-2733
  • South Store: 1221 73 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2H 2X1, (403)252-6643


A 40% off coupon is often available through the Michaels Weekly Ad. Michaels carries Wilton cake decorating supplies, but have also introduced other brands such as Duff’s Buttercream Fondant.

Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn carries offers a huge variety of baking ingredients. In addition, they also carry cake decorating supplies, and equipment: cake pans, cake boxes, fondant, sprinkles, and more.  They also offer shaped cake pan rentals.  Click here for store locator.

  • Calgary Horizon Square: 3508 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary AB, T1Y 6J2, 403-250-1399
  • Calgary McLeod Plaza: 9250 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB, T2J 0P5, 403-252-5232
  • Calgary (South McKenzie Town): 4889 130 Avenue South East, Calgary AB, T2Z 4J2, 403-271-8384
  • Okotoks location: 313-105 Southbank Blvd, Okotoks AB T1S0G1

The Market Place at SAIT, Main Campus

The Market Place at SAIT carries Satin Ice fondant (20lb pails for the best price in Calgary), Chefmaster food colouring (bulk size), isomalt, Silpats, marzipan, and Lindt chocolate couverture(in 2.5 kg bags). Here you can also buy foods made by students in the baking, cooking and meat programs. I suggest calling them at 403-774-5072 ahead of time to check if your item is in store. See the above link for directions.

Cakes N More

Cakes N More specializes in cake decorating and sugar craft/gum paste flower making supplies, including but not limited to: stencils, cutters, silicone leaf/petal veiners, Satin Ice fondant, Platinum Paste gumpaste, petal dust, powder and lustre colors. A great selection of styrofoam cake dummies too.


Walmart has expanded their cake decorating section to include a greater quantity &  selection of  Wilton brand of cake decorating supplies. In most Walmarts, the cake decorating supplies can be found alongside the craft section.


At Homesense, products differ weekly, and from store to store. I have found here digital scales, baking pans, cookie cutters, etc.

Online Cake Decorating Supply Websites in Canada

I am aware of the following websites that service Canada, but have not necessarily tried each one:

Cricut Cakes

I just heard about the Cricut Cake – a machine that allows you to cut gumpaste or icing sheets into patterns which may be adhered to cake. This is really where scrapbooking and cake decorating come together!

DeseretDesigns / Creative Designs for Cakes, has done much work developing the method, have some wonderful examples of the possibilities:

From DeseretDesigns / Creative Designs for Cakes

From DeseretDesigns / Creative Designs for Cakes

From DeseretDesigns / Creative Designs for Cakes

I have not tried the machine myself, but the product is very interesting!

Cake Stackers, Internal Cake Support System

Whoa! I’ve never seen anything like this before! That’s not styrofoam – that’s cake!

It’s a special metal cake stacking and support system called Cake Stackers. I have not tried it myself, so my stomach sure drops when I see the cake tilted like that!

Check out the video at at the 5:50 mark to see it in action:

The Best Turntable for Cake Decorating

Fat Daddio’s turntable is the best turntable I’ve ever used!

How special can a turntable be? I consider a good turntable the #1 essential tool for cake decorating. After trying turntables by Wilton, Bakery Crafts, and Ateco –  I am most impressed by this one.

Problems with turntables include: not level, wobbling while turning, tipping over, or just getting stuck. These problems are a pain!

When practising at home, I was trying to get by by using a lazy susan ontop of a bowl with a piece of non skid in between…(lol, I thought I was being so resourceful.) After a few close calls with cake tippage :o, I decided it was time to get a real turntable of my own.

What I like about Fat Daddio’s turntable:

  • Extra thick, 1 cm plate
  • 8″, 9″, and 10″ circle guides
  • Ridges on the bottom. These are a must for me as I constantly use them to spin the turntable.
  • Smooth base – easy to clean
  • Non slip bottom
  • Ball bearing construction instead of pin

I was apprehensive about the brand at first (I had never heard about the name until recently), but now that I have the product, I’m happy I chose it.

Oh, and it’s the heaviest turntable I’ve ever used – it’s almost a pain to move!

Airbrushing Tips

I just got my luscious new airbrush. 🙂 I decided on the Kopycake Airmaster. I got it through Golda’s Kitchen. It was a fair price of $189 CAD for the compressor, and about $100 for the larger capacity airbrush.

I saved the bubble wrap to keep the airbrush from shifting when it’s on (it’s tacky on one side). Non skid (a must for transporting cakes) works great too.

I went with the larger capacity airbrush pen because to avoid running out of colour constantly. I was also considering the Grex airbrush pen and using a hardware store air compressor, but I chose the Kopycake simply because of familiarity. It’s what we used in school, and I know it’s what the grocery stores use.

They even sent some free airbrush colors!

I wanted to decorate and airbrush the cake directly on the board.

Lesson learned: I should have lined the cake underneath with parchment first, then cut around it after airbrushing. I missed this step and ended up having to tape little pieces of paper to mask around the cake to cover the board. Whoops.

Next time, I will try to airbrush, then transfer to the board.

White areas of the cake I wanted to retain (the eyes and around the gills) were masked using pieces of fondant that I lightly stuck on.

Airbrush colour gets everywhere. So I set up a little “station.” In other words, a cardboard box.

This is my “airbrush cleaning station” :D. In other words, a water jug with plastic wrap around the hole. I also like to work right by a sink to make dumping and rinsing out colour easier.

Oh, and don’t forget your mask! There’s nothing quite like the sour tang of airbrush colour in the back of your throat and that rainbow coloured tissue the next time you blow your nose…

Happy airbrushing!

SugarVeil Icing

Has anyone tried using SugarVeil icing? It looks like you can use it create intricate lace designs, lattice, and even bows. I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but the results are very intriguing! Check it out at