Funny Ace of Cakes Episode

I love watching Ace of Cakes! They just have such a good cake vibe.

I thought the above recent episode was even more hilarious than usual.  I had a few good laughs over this one.

The Goose: “Do you do your own make-up? Your eyebrows are very symmetrical…” LOL!

How to Make a Sculpted Dog Cake

Thank you Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes for making the above sculpted dog cake video! She also has more great videos here.

More from Threadcakes with Step-by-Steps

Here are more fantastic cakes from the Threadcakes contest! All entries also feature step-by-step photographs, some also even include video. Plus a paragraph from the (sometimes exasperated) artist.

The thing I really want to point out is the time it takes to complete the cake. Some contestants quote 30, 40 hours, or even a week’s worth of work. Often I hear of customers gasping at the price tag of a cake – but think about it: how much is 30 hours of work worth?


Life Size Cake Car

Okay, this commercial is AMAZING! The above Skoda Fabia car is entirely edible. It’s stuff like this that gets me really excited about cake decorating!

If you would also like to see how the made the commercial, check it out below: