Mount Royal Broadcasting Cake

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What an busy weeks it has been! I have been dying to share this – my team and I had the amazing opportunity to create the cake for the 50th Anniversary of the Mount Royal University Broadcasting Program!

When I first met with Michelle and Alana from the Broadcasting Alumni Chapter, I understood immediately the value and importance of this program. It reminded me much of my own Baking and Pastry Arts Program – where many of the people that were once students in the Mount Royal Broadcasting program have branched out and become long-standing members of the industry.

Alana and Michelle even kindly showed me around the studio, and explained that although there have been many renovations throughout the years, the original room where the filming is done remains the same. When I walked into this room, there was this amazing nostalgic feel to it – the feeling that it all starts from here. And the ladder! Alana explained that there’s a very special story behind the ladder as it has been there from the beginning, and almost all the students have been on it at one time or another.

Here are some pictures from their actual studio:

BroadcastingMany people asked how many hours we put into this cake, and to be honest, for a project like this there were many uncounted hours of planning and preparation. This is one of the largest(and heaviest) cake projects I have done to date, and for each step along the way, it took an incredible amount of thought and careful consideration.

As for the process, we got as many of the gumpaste or dry pieces done throughout the week – this included the buttons, the dials, the radio mic, TV antennae, the candle, and big number 50. The top slice, the radio, the books, the TV, and the bottom tier are all made of cake.  All the final decoration of the cake came together during the evening before the event, where we worked late into the night to get the cake ready for the big day.

Because of the size of the cake and the number of tiers, this cake required final assembly on-site. To help hold the cake together, there was a center rod that ran the entire length of the cake, along with the usual boards and dowels in-between each layer. I estimated the final weight of this cake to be nearly 100 lbs, and it could have easily served up to 250 or more.

The Alumni Chapter did an amazing job of planning the party, the original cake sketch was tied into the table centerpieces, the screens throughout the building, and even on the tickets! Even Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi came out to celebrate and have first cut of the cake!

I’m incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity and I hope I was able to tell their story through their cake. I thought it was an interesting correlation – through cake and creativity I try my best to tell a story and to deliver a message, and broadcasting does the same through wavelengths, frequencies, screens, and sound. Congratulations to the Mount Royal Broadcasting Program to an amazing 50 years!

Check out the slideshow of the process below:

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