Red Square Wedding Cake with Cream Coloured Sugar Roses

Sometimes simple is best. Secret to (my somewhat) realistic sugar roses – have a reference (real or photo), use a variety of shapes and sizes of flowers, colour centers darker, shape petals thinly, and be generous in crimping, curling, and pinching. Extra petals never hurt. Inspiration.

Sugar Roses Red Square Wedding Cake Red Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Roses Gumpaste Rose

The Amazing Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

I just had to share these videos and quotes from one of my greatest inspirations – Ron Ben-Israel.

He has been dubbed by Modern Bride magazine as the “King of Cakes.”

Ron Ben-Israel is known for making amazing luxury wedding cakes. His style includes fondant-covered wedding cakes that are decorated with sugar gumpaste flowers.

He also specializes in using elements of the wedding dress in the cake. To do this, he makes food-grade silicone molds from pieces of lace and beading from the actual dress.

And he ooozes passion.

Check the 2:40 mark to see his special locked drawers of fashion molds from Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang:

Quote Ron: “People think that I’ll be heartbroken to see the cake being cut. However it’s the most joyous occasion for me that actually the bride and groom hold hands together and  cut the cake. It’s the first task they are doing as a married couple.”

And here’s a great video on what it takes to recreate the look of jewels and bling on a wedding cake:

Quote: “Once the cake is baked and frosted and stacked it’s like a blank canvas. I have all the elements –  sugar flowers and decorations. Once my hands get on the cake, it’s like a performance. You don’t stop, there is no going back, and the result always surprises me.”

Check out Ron Ben-Israel’s YouTube Channel for many more great videos

Every Cake Decorator Should Read This

I really believe that every cake decorator should read this excellent article from CakeBoss: How Much Should I Charge For My Cakes?

They are selling a software program at the end – however, I think it is a concisely written article that touches base on many initial aspects of cake pricing.

For more advice regarding anything cake-business related, I highly suggest the Cake Business discussion forums at

Fabulous Cakes TV Show on TLC Review

If you want to learn more about cake decorating, you have to watch the new show Fabulous Cakes on TLC! I think this is one of my favourite cake shows I have seen so far!

Fabulous Cakes is about educating the viewer on how fabulous cakes are created. They explain, in detail, the technical aspects of making cakes.

Each show goes to a different city and follows different professional cake decorators though the entire process. They definitely share some great cake secrets and innovative cake techniques.

They follow the professional cake decorators – in depth – through every step of the cake:

  • the customer consultation
  • planning and structure
  • baking
  • carving and crumb-coating
  • covering in fondant
  • decoration
  • delivery
  • set up

They even sometimes catch the painful “cake disasters,” and what the decorators do to fix them! I love carefully watching the expressions on the decorator’s faces – you can almost read their minds when they know something is wrong.

And this is one of the few cake shows that reveals the prices of the cakes! I really appreciate this as it gives a greater understanding of what people are paying for these amazing works-of-art.

This show is definitely not nearly as scripted as some of the others. It really is more about explaining and education people about what a cake goes through from start to finish.

For anyone that is interested in learning how amazing cakes are made, I highly suggest checking it out.

For listing information, please check out TLC’s TV Listings.

Update: I just saw the New York episode and it was awesome…  It featured one of my favourite cake designers,  Kate Sullivan. There are some really great cakes that come out of that city!  And the guys from City Cakes NY??? – they’re ripped! I am sure they have no problems lifting cakes around!