Ace of Cakes Last Season

Read the message from Duff himself here.

Ace of Cakes is airing it’s last season in January.

It’s one of my favourite cake shows of all time –  I consider it the pioneer of the many cake TV programs that we have today. I was sad the hear the news, but I know that all good things but come to an end – and Ace of Cakes has been around for many years now. In my opinion, Ace of Cakes was one of the things that was essential to skyrocketing the huge cake culture that we have growing today.

If you haven’t seen Ace of Cakes, you can still catch it on the Food Network. The show follows Duff Goldman(the “Ace”), and his bakery & team, Charm City Cakes, through the making of many spectacular cakes. You’ll like the show if you enjoy detailed cakes, mellow/cool vibes, dry humor, and the occasional cake pun.

To me, it feels a lot less scripted than many other shows, and it’s much more about the special story behind each cake.

Ace of Cakes airs on Thursdays 10:00 pm EST in Canada. Check out the Food Network Listings for additional times.



Threadcakes Cake Contest 2010

Update: The Threadcakes 2010 Cake contest is now open!

Contest ends Monday, August 16th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST

See the Threadcakes Rules for more info.

Hmmmm, sounds like Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes / Charm City Cakes will be a judge in the 2010 Threadcakes Cake Contest!

Check out the Threadcakes website for more details, or just to see many awesome, interpretive cakes based off of tees.