Dog Versus Cake

I just had to share this….

I made this RV cake last month. After I heard back saying that the parents freaked out over the cake so much that they didn’t want to eat it and wanted to preserve it for the long run!!! (I suggested freezing, but with no guarantees.)

But recently, I got this very interesting – and in my opinion, hilarious – update:

Here are her words:


“…Funny follow up to the motorhome cake: my parents saved it because they didn’t want to cut into it. It sat out for a couple of weeks on display in their living room.  They had guests come for a weekend so my mom put it on a table down in the storage room. Next thing they know is that the dog is sick, they couldn’t figure out why, so inconvenient when the guests are there, etc.  my mom just happened to go down into the storage room and the dog had eaten a chunk off the back end of the cake!!!!! But the best part – the front and the figures are still intact so they hope to preserve that.”

[/end quote]

And then she sent me a photo!

Tactfully named a_dog’s_breakfast.jpg:

dog eats cake

LOL! I’m speechless. It’s like he started licking the board… then made his way to the fondant on the side, where then he uncovered what was underneath and went all out!

(P.S. The dog is doing just fine now. 😉 Poor guy, I can’t imagine how he felt after eating that much chocolate cake!)