The World’s Largest Opera House Cake Finished!

They got it done!!!!  And it took 8 days,  22 volunteers, 10 staff, $40 000 to make, and weighed 1.5 tonnes in the end.

Kudos to Planet Cake for a job very well executed. Paris Cutler is absolutely amazing.

World’s Largest Opera House Cake by Planet Cake

The ever amazing Planet Cake, located in Australia, is tackling the worlds largest Opera House Cake! I have been following the story for the last few days, and I am in awe.

The sense of teamwork and enthusiasm for the project really shines though. They are applying for a Guinness World Record, and I am confident (especially with Paris Cutler!) that they will make it.

What’s also interesting is that they use a chocolate mud cake and a chocolate ganache to fill and ice the cake – great for Australia’s humid climate.

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How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

Check out the 6:03 mark to learn one of the secrets to getting a sharp corner! The above video is an excellent explanation on how to professionally cover a cake in fondant, by one of my favourite cake decorating bakeries, Planet Cake, located in Sydney, Australia.

I love to watch how she moves her hands and body, from how she:

  • uses her forearms to flatten the fondant
  • uses her hands to smooth the top edge
  • stretches the fondant in the front of the cake to get the ripples out
  • sways her body back and forth to cut the fondant and shape the edge

I also really like how they use a 2:1  ratio of ganache to crumb coat their cakes. Not only does this provide sharper c0rners, it is also more stable and room-temperature friendly.

Check out the awesomeness that is Planet Cake here. (By the way, best name ever!)