How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

Check out the 6:03 mark to learn one of the secrets to getting a sharp corner! The above video is an excellent explanation on how to professionally cover a cake in fondant, by one of my favourite cake decorating bakeries, Planet Cake, located in Sydney, Australia.

I love to watch how she moves her hands and body, from how she:

  • uses her forearms to flatten the fondant
  • uses her hands to smooth the top edge
  • stretches the fondant in the front of the cake to get the ripples out
  • sways her body back and forth to cut the fondant and shape the edge

I also really like how they use a 2:1  ratio of ganache to crumb coat their cakes. Not only does this provide sharper c0rners, it is also more stable and room-temperature friendly.

Check out the awesomeness that is Planet Cake here. (By the way, best name ever!)