Unicorn Wedding Cake

Yes, a unicorn wedding cake:

Unicorn Cake

Let’s go into the making of this cake…

1. Preparation

I like to print out lots and lots of  reference photographs and photos for inspiration. In this case, I looked for horse sculptures – that way I could see how other artists have tackled such a shape in the past.

The first thing I did was worked on any pieces that needed to harden. In this case, the legs:

Unicorn Photos

Make Unicorn Cake

2. Carving

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s imperative that the proportions are correct in the carving step:

Unicorn Cake Carving

3. Crumb coating / Icing the cake in buttercream

I did a light crumb coat,  to hold the crumbs in, just as the name describes. Then I added a thicker coat of icing/buttercream. For this step, I like to use Swiss Meringue Buttercream, a silky-smooth buttery icing that tends to hold up well underneath of fondant.

At this point the  muscles and curves were further defined by piping buttercream on strategically, them smoothing it out. In order to have thin fondant, it’s helpful to have a very smooth surface underneath.

Unicorn Cake Making

Crumb Coat Cake

Carving Unicorn Cake

3D Unicorn Cake

3D Unicorn Cake

4. Covering the cake in fondant

I’ve been trying to roll fondant as thin as possible lately, aiming for somewhere between 3/16ths 1/16th of an inch. This not only helps reduce the cost of fondant(which can be expensive), but more importantly – it reduces the weight of the cake. It’s surprising to me how much the weight of cake, buttercream and fondant can easily add up.

The horse was covered in sections, starting on the head and working downward. The modelling chocolate legs were covered in fondant, attached, then blended in. The fondant tail and horn were added last.

Unicorn Wedding Cake

3. Decoration & Painting

Finishing touches included airbrushing and painting the cake. Edible food colouring was used to help bring out the depth and dimension of the cake.

A simple tree & mountain background was added as their wedding was in the mountains. 🙂

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Wedding Cake

Cake Topper

Among all the cakes out there, this is what I would describe as an “epic” cake.

It was for probably one of the hippest couples out there.

Congratulations on your wedding Ali and Stephen!

Gumpaste Figures

Carrot Cake that looks like a 3D Carrot

A carrot cake that looks like a 3-D sculpted carrot cake! ( Typical Rose humor going on here….)

Anne really loves carrot cake, so I was more than happy to have created this as part of her birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday Anne!!!!

3D Carrot Cake

3D Carrot Cake

3D Carrot Cake

3D Carrot Cake

3D Carrot Cake

Pizza Cake: Part II – How-To Tips and Tricks

I’ve been thinking about pizza all week. Specifically, deep-dish pineapple pepperoni pizza! This is the follow post up to a very special cake – Pizza Cake: Part I. In this post, I’m going to describe some of the tips and techniques that went into the making of the sculpted pizza cake:

  • The Pizza Base
  • Fondant Pepperoni
  • Fondant Pineapple
  • Fondant Cheese

Let’s start with some notes on the sculpted pizza base cake shape:

Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza Cake
The Pizza Base:

  1. I started with 2 round layers of cake, less than 1″ high. This time, it was moist chocolate cake with vanilla icing. (Remember to make an icing dam – I love swiss meringue buttercream for the dam – then fill with the desired filling.) The second layer of cake was placed ontop.
  2. The “crust” of the pizza was built up by piping a ring of swiss meringue around the edge. The entire cake was crumb coated, making it as smooth as possible
  3. Cake covered in fondant. Texture, lumps and bumps were added for realism.
  4. The cake was coloured. In this case, the cake was airbrushed with edible food colour using  a combination of brown, orange and yellow. (This can be done using powdered colours too.) A very thin layer of icing was spread ontop, to represent the sauce. The icing was coloured using a combination of red, brown and orange for a more natural saucy colour.

Next came preparing the decorations. AKA, the toppings!

The Fondant Pepperoni:

  1. The fondant was mixed into a “hot doggy” colour. Red, peach and brown. It was then rolled out as thin as possible, cut out circles, then edges were curled using a ball tool. The circles were let to dry.
  2. Then the pepperoni was painted with a layer of thinned red, peach, brown. For added texture, they were then dabbed with clean paper towel. After, the edges were airbrushed using brown food colouring. Lastly, shine was added using a thin layer of vegetable oil.

The Fondant Pineapple:

  1. A light yellow fondant was mixed. The colour was only partially mixed in for a slight marbling effect.
  2. A pineapple “log” was hand-shaped and then put into the freezer, just long enough to harden.
  3. After the fondant log had hardened in the freezer, uniform pineapple pieces were cut.
  4. Realistic texture added using a paring knife.

Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza Cake

The Fondant Cheese:

  1. A chunk of off-white fondant was frozen until hard. Cheese was grated on a cheese grater then immediately spread over the cake in a thin layer.
  2. Fondant cheese was melted slightly using a blowtorch.

Putting it all together:

Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza Cake

Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza Cake

Check out Pizza Cake: Part I for more photographs of the cake in its entirety.