Threadcakes Cake Contest 2011 Winners


These are seriously amazing cakes.

I’ve been following this very fun contest with very unique cakes. Participants spend hours and hours reproducing the witty, and often humorous, Threadless T-Shirt Designs – as a cake.

Check out all the winners of the 2011 Threadcakes Cake Contest here.

First place grand prize went to Neli Josefson. Click here to see photos of her amazing cake, and to see many detailed photos of the cake process.

Cake News in the Community

Here are some upcoming cake events I wanted to share – cake contests, competitions, classes, and demos going on!

Threadcakes 2011 now open for entries!

Threadcakes is a fun cake decorating contest that anyone can enter. Entries end on August 15th, 2011. It is a web-based contest, where you take photos and or/videos of the making of the cake to submit. (This was my entry from last year!) The goal of this contest is to design and create a cake based on the many amazing Threadless T-Shirt Designs.

I love these contests as it’s a really great way to practice skills! I also love browsing the entries as many of the entries explain: 1. How much time it took to decorate the cake and, 2. The process showing how they made the cake, along with tons of photographs

Cake Competition at the Calgary Stampede

For those located in Calgary, AB, I highly suggest to check out the cake entries at the annual Calgary Stampede, Western Lifestyles Creative Arts & Crafts Competition. I love this competition event because the art and crafts that you will see here are contributed by local Calgarians and Albertans, really making them part of the Stampede.

The intricate cakes will be on display in the BMO Center in the arts & crafts area. Entries are now closed, but if you are interested, plan for next year – the contest is open to anyone! At no extra cost, you can also see live cake decorating demonstrations  from the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild on Saturday July 9th from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm in the same area as well.

Cake Love 2011 – Cake Conference

Cake Love 2011 is a huge cake class and teaching event to be held on September 23rd to 25th in Vancouver, Canada. And they now have the prices and schedule posted online!

Famous professional cake decorators from all over the world, some that you may have even seen on TV, such as Colette Peters, Anne Heap, Norman Davis, Laura Kitchens and Toba Garett will be at Cake Love 2011. Registration is $85 for those staying at the host hotel (the Delta Vancouver Airport), or $185 that want to stay elsewhere. Plus the additional cost for each class you want to sign up for – classes and demos range anywhere from $20 and up, with most classes under $100.

Or if you are just looking for cake classes in Calgary, Alberta – see this post.

Threadcakes Cake Contest 2010 Winners!

Check out the winners of the 2010 Threadcakes Contest! All entries also include tons of step-by-step photographs or videos.  Spectacular stuff! This is the Almighty’s Cake Entry by Neli Josefsen:

The above Cake Entry is by Neli Josefsen. Based of of this Threadless t-shirt design:

See the rest of the winners here!

My Threadcakes Cake Contest Entry

I decided at the last minute to enter into the 2010 Threadcakes Cake Contest.  My entry didn’t turn out as 100% as I had hoped, but I am happy that I got in done in such short notice:

The cake is an interpretation of this shirt:

Click here to view my full entry, and the entire baking process – I definitely went a little photo-crazy in my entry.

As for the decoration, I was too rushed and should have set let my hand set up before slapping it on the cake (pun intended 😉 ).  I shoulda known better! 😛

It was a good learning curve and I look forward to next time where I’ll plan further ahead for such a project.

I’m happy it tasted great in the end – delicious moist buttermilk cake with raspberry filling. I was very grateful to cut into it and have a slice after  a busy weekend.

See more step-by-step photos here.

Threadcakes Cake Contest 2010

Update: The Threadcakes 2010 Cake contest is now open!

Contest ends Monday, August 16th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST

See the Threadcakes Rules for more info.

Hmmmm, sounds like Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes / Charm City Cakes will be a judge in the 2010 Threadcakes Cake Contest!

Check out the Threadcakes website for more details, or just to see many awesome, interpretive cakes based off of tees.